View Full Version : Layout needs some quick changes

06-10-2012, 12:16 PM
I have this, but it needs work: http://page-test.co.uk/layout-test.html

(1) If you close the browser as small as possible (i.e. mobile phone) and then gradually open it the layout should support all screen sizes as it expands. It works reasonably well, but the media query at 1300px needs finishing. It should move the blue navigation bar to the top left of the layout and all move in line with the rest of the layout. So everything should be in the centre of the screen when 1300px triggers with the blue nan bar to the left of the grey area.

Btw. I won't actually use 1300px, I'll use something less, but this is just to test and get it working.

(2) There are obvious other small issues that need fine tuning so I would appreciate any other help to get this finished.