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06-08-2012, 12:36 AM
Let me say here and now that I know absolutely nothing about IE and, when I ask about it, most people say, "Oh, forget about IE, don't even bother designing for it!" (I'm a Mac user and as long as I make FF, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc. happy, I'm usually happy.) But there are some IE devotees out there who are reporting back to me about the site I'm building for their church and they're having an issue with sub-menus in the navigation bar. This is what they're saying:

"If you attempt to select any of the second or third sub-menu links, the menu closes when you move away from the first sub-menu link."

"My mouse pointer turns into the insertion cursor when itís over most of the screen and is difficult to see. Can that be changed?" A screenshot renderer doesn't really do me any good, because it's behavior they're talking about, not aesthetics. I installed Wine and Winebottler for Lion and installed IE 7 and 8 (all that were available for that app) but it turns out there's a bug, as it's still under development and IE fails to connect. They're still working on that issue.

This is the TEST LINK (removed) to what I'm working on for them. I'm afraid I have to attach my files, as they exceed the character limit. Please, is there any sort of CSS I can add to the header to convince IE 9 and 8 to not botch up the sub-menus? I can understand what they're saying about those, but the mouse pointer thing's a bit of a mystery. :(

I'd so appreciate any help. Please advise if more information is needed.

EDIT: I'm trying to read up on this and I do see where IE 9 does not support transition. I could try changing my DOCTYPE but I honestly don't know how to modify it and I've heard that only modern browsers support changing the DOCTYPE. I've read that adding an XML declaration before the DOCTYPE might help with IE, but, knowing nothing about IE, I wouldn't know where to begin, or if this is even accurate. (I'm not afraid to admit ignorance, when I'm trying to learn.) :)

06-08-2012, 02:52 AM
Shying away from changing the DOCTYPE just to acommodate IE, but I've been trying to tweak it with some CSS in the header; something like <!--[if IE 9]>
<style type="text/css">
blah blah blah

and something similar for IE 8.

If someone who has either or both of these browsers would take a look at the behavior of the navbar's sub-menus now, I would be very grateful. :)

EDIT: Never mind. I had to get finished with it before going out of town, so someone else was able to help. Thanks, anyway.