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johnny b
06-05-2012, 02:23 AM
1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):


We have our shipping profiles set up in PayPal based on the fact that we can send quite a few for a similar shipping price. It's based on quantity, and the price doesn't really increase until you get to 6 or so.

The problem is, on one page, we have packages at discounted prices (because we couldn't do a percentage discount for one group of items in the native PayPal cart).

So, when a customer buys a package of 6, or 9 or 12 or whatever, they're only charged the shipping price for one item.

I tried changing our current system using the generously shared code here:
http://capleswebdev.com/paypal/discnt.php (the second one) but the quantity being changed like that does not work. The PayPal cart still thinks it's got a single item in. When I change the quantity of packages in the PayPal cart, the shipping fee changes correctly.

We basically need that script, but working as it's meant to work, so that PayPal can know the actual number of items ordered.

2) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?):

Payment by PayPal, needed within 24 hours if possible because people get pretty (understandably) annoyed that they have to be billed an additional shipping amount.

We've reverted to the old clumsy system, the only one we could use with PayPal as it was. I also have a testing page that contains the Caples script. (NB: I did contact Caples to offer payment for help, but received no reply.)

If it's not javascript you want to use, we're open to something else but we can't use a database.

Will pay $30 for the hour if you can nail it.

I'll send the markup/code in question once the project is agreed. There is currently no (relevant) script on the page, it's all PayPal cart code + html/css.

06-06-2012, 01:53 AM
Not sure how your selection process operates (dropdown menu, checkbox, radio buttons, etc.) But why not just use an onclick or onchange function (whatever is applcable to your current setup) and then adjust the shipping price accordingly and have it send that new value to PayPal?