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05-29-2012, 05:27 AM
Hi, this website has been really useful for all my questions. But I do not know where to put this one, so if you can answer it, please do but if I have out this in the wrong spot please forward me to the other topics, thanks.
Here's what I wanted done. I have a website, that gathers information about you, such as lets say, name, and a photo of them.
I want to display their name ontop of the photo, but not just as simple text but actually IN the photo. So if you were to download the photo, the text would still be on there.
Heres is another example: I have their name, date of birth and where they work.
I could have the background of an image a workers tag they out in their clothes.
Then say:
Welcome to: <place of work>
My name is: <name>
My DOB is: <Date of birth>

But this text would be placed in an image, then displayed on their web browser as a whole image. Not just simple HTML text underneath an image. I would also prefer it to save the image as a variable I can follow up in later in PHP if you know how.
Thanks for all help in advance!
Thanks for best answer!
- swordstoo. (A noob at PHP)