View Full Version : Tumblr: Showing avatar of poster on multi-poster tumblr blog

05-21-2012, 06:24 PM

I have a tumblr that is organized so that multiple accounts can post on it. I would like the avatar of the person who posted to the tumblr to appear with their respective post. However, all I have figured is how to show the avatar of the host tumblr blog shown in the code below.

<div id="avatar"><a href="/"><img src="{PortraitURL-128}" /></a></div>

Does anyone know how to show the avatar of the poster on a multi-poster tumblr? I would think that I need a tumblr code that ties in with the "{PortraitURL-128}" URL source that calls up the "PortraitURL" of the actual poster and not of the host tumblr.

Please help! Thanks!