View Full Version : IE Bullet Nightmare

05-17-2012, 06:12 PM
At the bottom of the page on http://www.nhqualitycampaign.org there is an unordered list of news items. If you view it in Firefox the bullets pefectly align on the left side. If you view it in Internet Explorer the bottom two bullets are farther to the left than the bullets above them. Initially I thought this was because of the image, so I removed that but the bullets still would not align. I tried clear: left; in the styles but that forced the entire list far down the page. I also tried setting a specific margin and padding on the left, but that did not work either. What can I do to ensure the bullets always align properly in IE? Thanks.

05-17-2012, 10:39 PM
Rather than beaking on to a new line with the anchors and images, try keeping them on the same line.

I've not tested it, but breaking on to new lines has caused problems in the past.

05-25-2012, 05:48 AM
Thank you for your reply Dan-Dan. I removed the images and there are no anchors around the UL, but unfortunately the bullets are were not aligned in IE so I returned the image. Any other suggestions? I am at my wits end.