View Full Version : i want to draw vector paths on the the google map with javascript

05-17-2012, 08:57 AM
i want to draw vector paths on the the google map on my site that I want to add moving vehicles on the roads and i want to zoom the map

when the cars going somewhere. Can I do it? I do not want to take a screenshot of the google map adress. here is my javascript codes.Do

you have an idea about google map zooming with animations?

var options = {
controls: {
panControl: true,
zoomControl: true,
mapTypeControl: true,
scaleControl: true,
streetViewControl: true,
overviewMapControl: true
scrollwheel: true,
maptype: 'TERRAIN',
markers: [
latitude: -2.2014,
longitude: -80.9763,
address: "Guayaquil, Ecuador",
html: "My Hometown",
icon: {
image: "images/gmap_pin_grey.png",
iconsize: [26, 46],
iconanchor: [12,46]
icon: {
image: "http://www.mobilyala.com/mapfiles/marker.png",
iconsize: [37, 34],
shadowsize: [37, 34],
iconanchor: [9, 34],
shadowanchor: [19, 34]
latitude: -2.282,
longitude: -80.272,
zoom: 10

05-17-2012, 02:03 PM
here (http://www.geocodezip.com/v3_animate_marker_directions.html) is an example of one marker moving along a line created by the directions service. If you want to plot your own lines you will have to create polylines, feed them to the function and, if all the markers are in movement, have a way to decide which marker the map "follows" and zooms on