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07-24-2002, 05:09 PM
Hi all. I need a simple ('cause I'm a better chef than programmer) javascript code that will popup a window with a full scale image, from an anchor tag (showing the thumb of course). I found one up here but when I copied/pasted it it gave me an error and I don't know enough to find out where the error is - I tried, but like I said - better at food than programming. Any help? I know a little PHP - and learning more. Can I pass a variable to a PHP page using javascript?

Thanks in advance.

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07-24-2002, 05:19 PM

07-24-2002, 06:02 PM
Thanks man! I'll give it a try!

The SoupNazi @ http://www.ChefOnTheEdge.com

07-24-2002, 06:03 PM
The script works just fine:


I sent you a PM to post a message in here about it but I guess you didn't get the PM?

07-24-2002, 06:10 PM
Sorry - but I didn't get it (the pm). I'll try it again. It kept replying with "URL not found." if I recall correctly ... I'll give it another try. That one is the one I really wanted - less work than eaks (no offense;) ).

The SoupNazi @ http://www.ChefOnTheEdge.com