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05-03-2012, 05:51 PM
1) I need a simple online quote page for a wedding photography website whereby potential clients input their required wedding package details and date and then get an instant price quoted online and forwarded to them by email. Would be useful if I was also forwarded details of any quotes generated.

Most of the fields will be a simple choice of options from a list but the more complicated element (to me anyway !) will be a variation in the quoted price based on how close their enquiry is to the wedding date ..... basically, stepped discounts will apply as they get closer to the wedding date.

Fields would be .........

WEDDING DATE: (this will need to be compared to a list of already booked dates and generate a "not available" response if the requested date has gone)

DAY: "WEEKEND" or "MIDWEEK" (unless this can be determined from the Wedding Date field)

COVERAGE REQUIRED: "Full Day" or "Half Day"


EMAIL (for quote confirmation):

The Wedding Date field would need to compare with TODAY's date to determine days between the two and this would apply a discount to the total price based on reference to a discounts table. It will also need to determine whether the wedding is "peak season" or not based on the months of April-September being "peak" and October-March being "off peak"

Each of the three packages would have a "half day" and "full day" price, a "weekend" and "midweek" price and an "peak" or "off peak" price date so, in total, there are 24 variations from top price PLATINUM - PEAK SEASON - FULL DAY - WEEKEND to lowest price SILVER - OFF PEAK - HALF DAY - MIDWEEK !

2) Payment method/ details - PAYPAL - 50% up front 50% on completion but happy to negotiate !

I have basic HTML skills, limited PHP skills, very limited database skills so may need hand-holding to get any script installed !!!

05-03-2012, 06:53 PM
I'll offer to do this for free in exchange for adding this service ( http://www.yourlistonline.com/business ) to your site (which should match your clientele nicely!)

Email me at brandon [ a-t ] aphion [ d-o-t ] com if you're interested!

05-03-2012, 07:53 PM
Email on the way :thumbsup: !!!