View Full Version : Exception thrown within the exception handler

04-27-2012, 02:10 PM
Was just trying to install AjaXplorer and have been given the following errors and wondered if anyone can help?

Exception thrown within the exception handler! Message was: Cannot find plugin text for type log in C:\UniServer\www\domain\secure\core\classes\class.ConfService.php on line 164 #0 C:\UniServer\www\domain\secure\core\classes\class.ConfService.php(184): ConfService->initUniquePluginImplInst('LOG_DRIVER', 'log') #1 C:\UniServer\www\domain\secure\core\classes\class.ConfService.php(229): ConfService->getUniquePluginImplInst('LOG_DRIVER', 'log') #2 C:\UniServer\www\domain\secure\core\classes\class.AJXP_Logger.php(89): ConfService::getLogDriverImpl() #3 C:\UniServer\www\domain\secure\core\classes\class.AJXP_Logger.php(69): AJXP_Logger::getInstance() #4 C:\UniServer\www\domain\secure\core\classes\class.AJXP_XMLWriter.php(195): AJXP_Logger::logAction('error', Array) #5 C:\UniServer\www\domain\secure\core\classes\class.AJXP_XMLWriter.php(208): AJXP_XMLWriter::catchError(0, 'Cannot find plu...', 'C:\UniServer\ww...', 164, NULL) #6 [internal function]: AJXP_XMLWriter::catchException(Object(Exception)) #7 {main}

04-27-2012, 05:01 PM
You'll have to trace your stack to determine under what condition that exception is thrown. The error is it simply cannot find plugin text for the type, but I cannot help as to why.
If I had to guess, it looks like its not configured to provide a logging driver.