View Full Version : Hacking a WordPress plug-in

04-20-2012, 11:18 PM
Hi all,

So I'm helping to build an ARG. To 'win' the game users have to enter all of the ingredients of some fried chicken seasoning into a form. If they get all of the ingredients correct they'll be re-directed to a specific URL, if they get just one wrong they'll be sent back to the form to try again.

The problem I'm having is with the form. We're building the final site on WordPress and I've found a quiz plug-in (SSquiz (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ssquiz/)) which does almost everything I want and looks pretty cool. The only thing it doesn't do is send users to a different page based on how well they do on the test.

I was wondering if any PHP wizards would be able to give me a hint as to where I would hack this feature into the plug-in? Literally I want something that (if you get all the ingredients right) re-directs the users to a specific URL, and if they get anything wrong takes them back to the form OR echos out a message saying sorry, "[number of wrong answers] ingredients seem a bit wrong to us..."

Any ideas?

The temporary site we're building it on is: http://www.ollieclark.co.uk/mcdowells/recipe/