View Full Version : Iframing Troubles.

04-13-2012, 04:23 AM
I'm not at all sure where this question would go, so I'm asking it here.

It is more so a request, rather than an actual question. So here does nothing.

I'm working on a web site in which I'm trying to make very unique.

How do, you ask? Frames. Frames? Iframes, to be precise.

I'm wanting the buttons I have on now, not to redirect to it's webpage, but really, open up a movable and re-sizable Iframe. So it opens up the site, in that frame.

Now, when you click the button, it loads it up. Click it again, and it hides it.

But I tried to do this, and failed, and so I thought I'd get an expert to do it. Not like I haven't tried, and asking you all to do it for me. It's just this part, now.

So here is the list:

1. Iframes that can be stretched around. and moved around the page.
2. Iframes show when button with image is clicked, and hide when clicked again.

There anyone willing to help me out here? I'm really needing it.