View Full Version : Compiling Java; JAVAC

09-02-2003, 06:24 PM
Our company is trying to convert an application from java 1.1.6 to java 2 standard edition, build 1.4.2 mixed mode. It appears that my ClassPath is set up correctly but when I compile a java program using javac I get several 'cannot resolve symbol' messages regarding objects that are references to objects with in the same directory as the source is in. I can not figure out why. Will an object created from each version work together? Or do they all need to be compiled at the same level? help
Do I need to use -target on the Javac command?

Previous versions of class objects used Javai.dll. I understand that jvm.dll has replaced this. Does that mean that my previous class objects that used javai.dll need to be relinked??