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04-06-2012, 11:34 AM
Hey all,
I have a question (I m not a web developer and have not much knowledge about all that-so my questions might sound stupid :-)
As I believe usually coders dont do the design of a website, do they? So if I want to hire a coder, do I need to hire first a webdesigner or the other way around?
Thank you!!!!!

04-06-2012, 01:35 PM
Well, the transition is smooth between a web designer and a coder/developer but as a general rule of thumb I guess you can think like that. Here’s my point of view:

There are three basic components in web development: graphic design, front-end development (HTML/CSS/JS), and back-end development (server side programming, like PHP/JSP/ASP(.NET),MySQL, etc.). And most professionals specialize in something with usually a maximum of two of the above mentioned components at once in which they would have professional level skills.

So, usually a graphic designer might have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, too, but not necessarily enough to call themselves professional at that. Likewise, a front-end developer might have a good eye for graphic design or might have additional knowledge of server-side programming, and a back-end developer usually knows some HTML and CSS but is rarely a good graphic designer, too. And few people are great in everything (but there are such people).

If I was to take myself as an example I would say I’m a professional front-end developer with pretty good designing skills (in regards to websites) so I feel comfortable to take both kinds of jobs, designing a website and coding pages or templates. I do have some basic PHP knowledge but not enough that I would apply for a job that involves programming a web application or whatever. I have had projects, however, where a designer has done the graphics and I was only there to slice the layouts and create HTML templates off of it, so both is possible.

However, one thing to note is that a graphic designer is not necessarily a good web designer, too. A web designer knows how websites work (i. e. that they are not static like printed media) and what is and isn’t possible (interaction, dynamic functionality, etc.), so when you hire someone to do a website design, check whether they are real web designers or just grapic designers who think they can also design websites.

So, if you were to hire two different people, one for the graphical design and one for the coding, then the first would be the graphic designer and when the designs are done, a coder can take over from there. If you hire someone who can do both then they will most likely start with the designs, too, and then code them.