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03-31-2012, 01:28 PM
Okay, so this is coming from a guy who knows nothing about web dev, and just wants to learn, via this project.

I have an excel page with columns such as:

Col Col2 Col3
abc 1 3
def 4 5
hgi 9 5

and so on.

And I have various images in a folder with file names corresponding to 'Col' i.e. abc.jpg, def.jpg, etc.

I want to create a webpage with asks for a string from a user, searches it in Col1, then displays corresponding Col2, Col3, and the image corresponding to that Col1.

NOW, I'm not asking for what to do, but I just want to know HOW will I do this? What all tools/scripts/languages/software do I need to know to implement a system like this? I'll get to learning that straight away.

I have very little experience in web development hence a very noob-ish question.

Thanks a lot guys!

PS: If possible, also tell me if this is too complex to take up as a beginner project. I'm just doing this as a hobby, I'm not planning to go very deep into web dev (I'm an app developer+graphic designer); so I wouldn't mind it being a bit tough to do.

03-31-2012, 10:24 PM
You need to subscribe to a share webhost online, or build your own server at home.

You need to get your images uploaded to your website ... in a directory somewhere.

You need to get your Excel spreadsheet uploaded. You'll have to convert it to a CSV
(comma separated variable) type file, so PHP can open it and put data into an array.

If you wanted to keep everything online, you can use Google Docs spreadsheet,
which is free ... you create a free Google account. Google Docs spreadsheet works
just like Excel. PHP has the ability to access your spreadsheet and read the data.

04-02-2012, 09:56 PM
@jameswest ...

If you want to explore the Google Docs thing some more, let me know.
There are example PHP scripts for accessing data from a Google Docs Spreadsheet.