View Full Version : 2 Projects: Are they possible?

03-30-2012, 10:46 PM
I have an idea for 2 different coding projects that I want to do but I'm not sure how to go about doing it.
First of all I'm an aspiring DJ/coder, so that will explain why I want to go about doing these projects. However, I just started learning java this year, so I am still very new to it.

1. Create an android program that is a beat grid/drum machine. I know there are a lot of apps on the market like this, but I want to be able to wirelessly connect my tablet to my computer and change the different files from my computer (or use files from my computer but change on the tablet.)
This is not my top priority project but I just want to know if it is do-able.

2. As a DJ I have quite a bit of music. It gets hard keeping track of what their genres are by their names, and I have not been good at editing the genre tags correctly.
Is it possible to take a text file list, use a website to find the genre of the list, and output into a different list sorted by the found genres?
I have already made a program that takes the folder names and makes a text file (alphabetical order) of the folders. I have another that compares 2 text files (used to compare music on laptop with external hard drive.)
Also is there a better language for this other than Java?

These projects are solely for my continued education in Java, not required for anything. Any help is much appreciated. My current focus is on the second project; however, I don't know if it possible, or where to start coding.

Thank you,
DJ Tariq