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03-20-2012, 08:15 PM
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Hello everyone, i desperatly need a script for my website but am totally stuck, I hope someone can help

On my website i want a search box. I want it so that if a use types in one of my predetermined search terms then they would be sent to a predeterimed page in my own website.

For example: I have a group of 5 keywords - nokia, mobile, vodafone, cellphone, iphone. If a user types any of those keywords into my search box then xxxxx.com/mobilephones.htm will be loaded up

I have another set of 5 keywords - cat, dog, rabbit, mouse, snake. If a user types any of those into the search box then they are directed to xxxxx.com/animals.htm and so on ...

So as you can see, its not a 'normal' search engine

I will be creating new pages and will need to add the chosen keywords for it as time goes on etc

Nearly everywhere i look for something to help me all I can find are standard search engine scripts which are no good as they display search results instead of directing to specific urls depending on the keywords entered

I would also need to 'capture' what search terms are being entered so that I can build some user statistics

I understand html and javacript to an intermediate level but have been advised to use a side server script whatever that is

Can anyone help / provide a script that I could use? Although Im a student Im willing to pay some funds to anyone that can do this for me

Many thanks