View Full Version : Qatrix - A new high performance JavaScript library is now released.

03-17-2012, 08:46 PM
Qatrix is a new kind of JavaScript library for easily building up high performance web application with less code. And now is released today.

The features of Qatrix are:

Hardware Accelerated Animation
Qatrix will use the native CSS3 transition to process the animation as possible. And this kind of native basic process operation will enable hardware acceleration by browser. The animation of Qatrix will be more faster and more smoother.

High performance code
Qatrix is using more native code and special design to increase the performance. Web application will run much more faster and more efficient.

The name of functions on Qatrix is familiar with the most popular JavaScript jQuery. It will be much more easy to use without re-learn other new concept and knowledge.

Cache system
Qatrix included a simple cache system to storage and fetch data with high speed.

Incredible size
Only 6KB compressed and gzipped file size with 60+ functions. Load script instantly without expectation.

Read more and download: http://qatrix.com