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03-16-2012, 06:08 AM
1) I purchased this API code from code canyon http://codecanyon.net/item/simple-api-class/102420 and I also purchased this API frame work http://codecanyon.net/item/api-framework/140978

I'm looking to build an API for my site that calls to one table in my mysql database. It's pretty simple. From my users table, other websites can credit or debit points to a member. Here's how it's structured.

Step 1) The user that wants to add my API to their websites, gets a "secret" and "key" from us.

Step 2) they add the API to their website, game, script whatever.

Step 3) they can then credit points to a member that signs up on their website, clicks their banner, plays their game etc.

When crediting points the API will check to see if he API owner has enough points in their account to credit. If they do, it will debit the points from their account and credit the points the the users account they are giving the points to (based on the users current session).

If the API owner doesn't have enough points to give..throw error message.

This process also works in reverse, a user can give points to the api owner. So the API owner can say, buy this item and get 10% off in exchange for 10 points. When this happens, a pop up window will appear for the user to enter their email and password for verification before the amount is debited from their account and credited to the API owners account.

The API owner has to be able to set different debit and credit amounts per page, product, game etc.

2) Payment by paypal, timeline yesterday.