View Full Version : Optical Character Recognition math app

03-15-2012, 01:53 AM
-If i were to take my ipad a draw the number "4" is there a way the ipad could recognize it. I am thinking of making an app and one of the features i would like to include would be to include something that recognizes your error. You would be given an equation and it would show you how to do it. Then it would give you another problem and you would have to solve the equation in steps. There would be a box that says "step 1" and then "step 2" and so forth. If you have an error it would tell you which step you messed up on.

- For example say step 2 was "x+3+y" which generates a code like "1010" . Say you do step 2 but you get "x+1+y" which generates the code "1020" which doesnt match up with the right one.