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03-13-2012, 02:45 AM

I am learning HTML 5 and trying to build the skills necessary to land a low, entry-level (non-freelance, professional) position in web development. Two, independent sources claimed it is best to learn a server side language in depth, such as C# or PHP.

Before I pour countless hours into mastering one of the languages, I thought I should do some research and figure out which one will give me the best job opportunities. Do you think entry-level (or "assistant") positions in web development are more available for a person who learns C# alone than PHP? This is all assuming I will not have a Bachelor's Degree at the time I job hunt. From what I understand, ASP.net might tend to have a higher salary. Some might argue this salary is a consequence of supply and demand: that there are fewer ASP.net developers and they're harder to come by (thereby indicating that job opportunities are better for ASP.net). Others might argue that ASP.net positions are prevalent at big companies/corporations, and big companies have stricter requirements for entry-level positions, making it tougher for developers with a weaker skillset.


Also, even if one language is most popular now, is there a transition going on? Is the rate of increase of demand for ASP.net skills, higher than the rate of increase of demand for PHP skills? You might already see where I am going with this, but if not: I might select a language that is relatively unpopular now if it is growing faster.
I stumbled upon this chart:

Of course, that chart is based on keywords and is not based on entry-level positions only, but I thought you might find it interesting or have an opinion about it.


I am looking to seek an entry-level position as fast as I possibly can, so while learning two server side languages may be my ultimate goal, I am looking to master one and get a job first, even if it isn't a high-paying job.