View Full Version : diabox display problems

03-10-2012, 11:38 AM
Hi! (Apologies for a doubtless banal question as I am self-taught and not IT trained - I just follow my nose, adapt and try to understand a little at a time so am aware of the limitations of my site.)

Am trying to use Diabox ( http://www.mikeonrails.com/diabox ) to display information about my individual musical works. I cannot solve two (probably related) issues.

I want links in the "diaboxed" pages to be blue, which work fine locally. But as soon as I upload and view online they inherit the white links from the "parent" page. All files in both folders are idential (mootools.js, diabox.css, diabox.min.js, style.css etc..). I can't see any changes made somehow in the uploading. How do I stop this happening?

Similarly, when I run things locally margins and titles etc work fine in the Diabox, but once uploaded their positions misalign and change size. The first diabox is always fine, but ones that follow using hidden inline content misalign.

I am using Firefox to test, but have also used IE9 and Chrome (on another computer) getting the same problem each time.

You can enter my as yet non-live site from here www.peterseabourne.com/pages/vocal/vocal.html and the menu is connected up to go elsewhere. (Many box dimensions aren't sorted yet so it looks a bit ragged.)

Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you.