View Full Version : Revolutionary language, interesting substitute to JS programming?

03-05-2012, 12:52 PM
Hi all,

I just wanted to let you gals&guys know about Opa (http://opalang.org), a new programming language for web development.

I think Opa is really cool. It takes care of both server- and client-side programming in one language, where all the communication between the server and clients is fully automated by the compiler (to programmer it all looks like local function calls). Moreover Opa has strong, static typing that is used to rule out many security threats (like SQL injections or XSS attacks) and in addition to that it greatly helps detecting bugs (without debugging!). Opa also has type inference so that you'll not have to write type annotations

I am one of the developers who worked hard on making this language a reality, so I know quite a bit about it and will be happy to discuss it further with anyone interested.

Best, Adam

P.S. Windows version should be coming out next week.
P.S.2 I recently wrote this article (http://www.developer.com/open/node.js-opa-javascript-framework.html) comparing Node.js and Opa, which may be a good start.