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02-28-2012, 08:33 PM
I'm planning on upgrading my home server to a 'bigger' system regarding memory, processor, etc in the coming months.

I will probably go with this SuperMirco MB

and this processor

This is purely a home server setup, and the above is probably overkill. I'm generally using it as fileserver, ftp server, webserver. But I will likely add some home survellience into as well once thing are up and running.

Currently, I'm using Ubuntu Server, but I'm hoping for some advice and tips on what OS's to use, as I would definitely like to place Win7 on it for some everyday home things.

Should I start with Ubuntu Server (or desktop), and than virtualize Windows inside it? Or vice versa? Install Win7 first, and than virtual Ubuntu?

Thoughts? I heard using OSX is possible as well, but its difficult to use with non-apple hardware.