View Full Version : Portfolio Design (help!)

02-27-2012, 12:35 PM
Currently I have http://keysle.com/tagged/project as my layout for showcasing my projects.

How should I organize my projects page? I've thunk on this for 2 weeks straight.. holding off many of my projects. I'm just gonna ask for some help.

I just need a design concept. That's all

I want to be able to sort the projects by "importance", "type (game/website/software)" & "date"
So please consider that in your suggestion.

I want the projects to have a thumbnail for people to preview. So that's going to take up some space.

I want people to be able to click on one project and expand it on the same page.
There will be 5 data members to each project
download link
extra links (youtube, website redirects, fanpages, etc)

Also. What are some good colors for innovation? I was thinking white (majority) tangy orange hints and aquatic blue hints.