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02-09-2012, 08:53 AM
I've had this laptop since May 2011 and I have not made changes to the power settings, but lately when it wakes up, it won't get out of bed. And it was never asleep to begin with!

OK, so after a bit of inactivity the screen dims. A while longer, the screen saver kicks in. A while longer and the screen goes black. Moving the mouse brings the display back and all is well - usually.
But sometimes - and it's happened twice in the past three days - the display comes back and I can move the mouse around, but nothing else happens. If I move the mouse to the bottom of the screen, the Taskbar remains hidden. Double-clicking icons on the desktop does nothing. CTRL+ALT+DEL launches the options screen and clicking Start Task Manager causes the screen to go black and stay that way.
One time I closed the lid of the laptop, waited a while and opened it up again and it woke up properly. The last time, I did the same thing, but it never went to sleep and I ended up turning off the power.

My power settings:
- Dim display: 5 minutes
- Turn off display: 15 minutes
- Put computer to sleep: Never

When I close the lid, it is supposed to sleep.

It's a laptop but I treat it like a desktop, meaning it's always plugged in and always on. Running Windows 7 Home Premium. Windows Live Mail and Firefox are always running, among other things. All are up to date and no new software has been installed lately - at least none that is running when this problem occurs.
The computer is an Acer Aspire.

Have I overexplained it? Is this a common problem? Can you tell me how to fix it?


02-17-2012, 03:58 AM
Did you check the power setting in the control panel relating to the computer lid? You can change what your computer does when you close it.

but lately when it wakes up, it won't get out of bed

If your computer is frozen you'll probably have to reboot it, unless you stored some information that you needed to have saved.

03-09-2012, 10:22 AM
I had a laptop like that and I was told that it needed a new processor. You may as well buy a new laptop if thats the case