View Full Version : Wordpress / Sidebar CSS/PHP help required

02-09-2012, 12:24 AM
I managed to create a new widget area 'sidebar' just above the footer of my current theme.

The site in question is: http://melee-media.co.uk

The aim of the game is to allow the page to have areas for my text (better optimised SEO) and a few other things. However when inserting the widgets in the sidebar through the back end of Wordpress it all aligns vertically. And that is rightly so given the widgets are coded so they do just that given they are usually on the right or left of the site.

As you may have guessed I want them to align horizontally in the footer area and I'm struggling to see how to do that without ruining the rest of the sidebars.

The CSS is auto assigned to these sidebars given there is a simple php call in the 'home-template.php' of:

<?php dynamic_sidebar( 'Footer Sidebar' ); ?>

I think there are a few ways of doing this, perhaps through the CSS override part of my theme within Wordpress or perhaps by creating a separate footer sidebar php file, which I'm assuming I can reference modified/new CSS to apply to this sidebar only and then just call that particular php document in it's entirety within 'home-template.php'.

I'm totally stuck given I have reached the maximum of my coding knowledge and if anyone could help getting it sorted I would be very appreciative!