View Full Version : EasySlider & Thickbox FF bug

02-06-2012, 08:49 PM
Hi there,

I'm a designer with the bad idea to do the technical part of my new website myself. I know......

After some time and using some great plugins in the open source community I'm getting pretty pleased by the result.

I just got one little bug I can't fix.

I'm using thickbox to open a iframe on my website.
That iframe contains a page with a EasySlider.
When in Firefox, after i click on the image wich will open the thickbox, the first image of the slider isn't displayed, the slider opens with just the controls and no first image, after a few seconds the slider goes to the second image and that works fine.

In IE, Chrome, safari it all works fine.. Firefox is the only one giving me problems.

I'm hoping there is a genius here who can help me out.

The website can be found at :

When you click on a image at the bottom of the website the thickbox with the problem opens.

Can anyone help me out here? So I can get a good night rest. ;)

Thank you in advance,