View Full Version : Php scripts and html files problem....please help

02-05-2012, 12:34 PM
Firstly I am new to web development so forgive me for using any incorrect terminology...

I am working on dreamweaver cs5 translating an affiliate site. The directory that contains all my website folders and subfolders has many identical pages, in html and in php script. For example I have the same page in the aboutus folder named as index.htm and.......the same page exists in a folder called templates with a different name as 4v4567opjfh.php.

Now...yesterday i did synchronization in dreamweaver (ticked the delete remote files not on local drive) and suddenly my website was completely cocked-up….

I then deleted all the ftp content and re-uploaded using a back up copy BUT the browser now only reads the 4v4567opjfh.php file and not the index.htm…..

Any suggestions on what I should do in order to make my browser read the index.htm and not the php script?

Many thanks!