View Full Version : How to inert content from two DWT sources on one HTML page?

02-04-2012, 04:55 PM
I am an intermediate level user of FP2003. I am in the process of developing a website for my office. So far the content has grown to hundred plus pages. I have placed all the content in plain tables without any menu or title.

Now, I have developed about six DWT files which contain horizontal link bars (made of simple text links). Let me call it Sub DWT. Each Sub DWT shall be attached to a couple of pages pertaining to links in the Sub DWT. So, I can change the Sub DWT to make any changes in the link menu on all the pages attached to it. All these groups of pages have their own parent HTML page, like an index page for each section. Things are fine to this end.

What now I want is to add a title area with links to each of the sections being covered by each Sub DWT. These links shall connect to the index pages of separate sections. I guess it makes sense to organize things like this. I have a Master DWT page to take care of the title and the links to each section of website and it works fine if linked to any page, like it is working fine with the Home Page.

I want this title or Master DWT to be shown on ALL pages of my website. That means all pages shall (with the exception of Home Page) have a consistent title with a couple of links in it (governed by Master DWT) PLUS content of link bar created under its corresponding Sub DWT.

I have tried attaching Sub DWT first (for the corresponding group of pages) and then adding Master DWT to them. Content from Sub DWT does show up below the content from Master DWT. The problem is that after attaching the Master DWT, the content of Sub DWT becomes detached from its pages, while that from the Master DWT remains attached. That means now if I make any changes to this Sub DWT, it wont be displayed in the pages attached to it.

I have tried using FP2003 shared border (with the content from Master DWT), with the hope that both may go hand in hand. They do appear on a page linked with the Shared Border and attached with the Sub DWT in Design view, but the Shared Border part disappears in Preview or Browser. I have also tried publishing the page. Same result. Shared Border wont show up, only Sub DWT is shown.

So, my requirement is to put Master DWT on all pages with Sub DWTs on their linked pages. How can I accomplish this? I can go for mix of DWTs, or DWT plus Shared Border or any other idea. Any help would be appreciated. :confused: