View Full Version : Can make a website by making website templates in photoshop,uploading to dreamweaver?

02-01-2012, 10:11 PM
Can code a website by designing webpage templates, simply inputting text/pictures in photoshop, and then slicing the picture, and uploading to dreamweaver, adding links to the buttons, media etc.... Linking the pages together etc... and then upload to the web? Would it function like a normal website? what are the disadvantages? Thanks so much! :) :thumbsup: :D :p :cool:

02-02-2012, 07:40 PM
If Im understanding you correctly you mean creating the page in photoshop, making your slices and exporting it as html to open into dreamweaver for the code?

Advantages - you have a website you can make superrrr quickly

Disadvantages - Everything else. Everytime you have the edit the site ( i.e add need content etc, youll essentially have to redo that slice, or in some cases even redo the whole friggin thing. While your code will export and it will work in a way, its kinda horrid for SEO, its made in tables which is also a super pain to edit and finicky as a mofo..., If you DO make it this way, heavily rely on your alt text so search engines can actually see whats in your site. I used to make sites this way ( cause my boss wanted several websites, done, in a day, and I couldn't code) I'd say if you need something SUPERRRR freaking quick, do it this way to just have something to show, then code the actual site using css and whatnot. Im a total web newb, but thats been my take on it . My graphic design teacher taught us to make web pages this way, I however wouldnt recommend it to anymore, its not real web design in my opinion.

02-02-2012, 09:36 PM
In Photoshop you would be defining how the site should look by creating an image.

HTML is not intended to define how the site looks. It is intended to define what the content is. The CSS that is applied to the page then defines how it looks. The best way to use DreamWeaver is to work mainly in code view and only switch to see how closely your CSS has come to making the page look the way that the image indicates it should.

There is no automated way of converting an image into a web page unless you intend that the web page be the image.

Slicing images and pluggin them into tables was the 20th Century way of producing web pages prior to the introduction of CSS.