View Full Version : Who can help me and wants to make some $$?

02-01-2012, 07:52 PM
I need some assistance with a few problems I am having with my site. More in particular, Help with Infinite scroll, Isotope, and Jplayer... And some general site optimizing. I will paypal whomever can and will help me $50.

The website is www.audiblecoffee.com/beta321432

and the problems I am having are:

-Speeding up the site. It is currently fairly laggy and sluggish.
-Infinite scroll doesn't not work in Chrome.
-Continuous Play from visible song to next visible song does not work in the pages being loaded in from IF
-Setting up the download button to start download on Left Click. (this is probably PHP, but it needs to be figured out.
-a callback for the audio player to addclass (hover) to the the song that is playing.

Those are my problems, If you think you can help me and want to make a couple bucks, email me at John.o.hull@gmail.com