View Full Version : using seesion to separate infomation

02-01-2012, 09:13 AM
well I make log in script with session that allowed user to go if success to specific page depend on his username permission, now I'm facing problem to get work with specific data related to username and other shared information let me give you hint about what I did first then hope you could help me to resume it later:
after log in successful the user will enter page called program.php this page contains information related to this username, like table with stored data user post before:
user post in post 1 :
data , date , time inside table and so one...etc
anyway I want to allow username to share his data with another username and answer the post first username did, I know its like forum system, but it isn't cause the user allowed here just to answer one time not more, also the shared data just allowed to share with specific users not all also.
so what I should do in simple words to make checks depending on the session created at log in?
if you need more information I'll post every code I did before to help you if anything above not clear.