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01-28-2012, 05:32 PM
Client satisfaction is essential for the survival of any business. The best way to find out whether clients are satisfied or not is to ask them their opinions about your products and services, what's most important to them, and then make improvements to those areas that have the biggest impact on their satisfaction.

SurveyMethods.com makes the process of creating and deploying a Client Satisfaction Surveys easy, inexpensive, and effective. Create a Client Satisfaction Surveys, then import your client list into your account and launch your survey. SurveyMethods.com keeps track of who has responded, who hasn't, who has partially responded, who has completed your Client Satisfaction Surveys and more. You can also create a web url for your Client Satisfaction Surveys and have individuals access it on the Internet.

Integration with your own CRM system: You can remotely trigger your Client Satisfaction Surveys on SurveyMethods.com from your own CRM or Customer support system, each time an event is triggered.

After gathering your data you can create reports with stunning graphs and charts, segment your data, and compare segments to each other. Additionally you can collaborate with your team, share your reports securely with each other, and also export your data to CSV, spreadsheet format, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF.Show details
Customer Satisfaction Survey (http://www.surveymethods.com/Client-satisfaction-surveys.htm)