View Full Version : problem uploading files to ftp

01-27-2012, 06:20 PM
hi, i am really a novice when it comes to web building, but i have a big question...i purchased a script from a company and they are trying to install it now. but i just received an email from them saying the following:

I have uploaded 2 files, on your ftp hosting account, however it seems that they are not in the right place. For example
this should generate some output, however the file is not found.
Can you please check and reply back, because I want to be sure where I upload the files.

now the problem is, i have no idea what im supposed to do or what he wants from me...what im supposed to check. and i let them know this but they are not responding yet, so i really want to try to get some information so i can help them! i created an ftp account for them and gave them a folder public_html/theirfolder so they only have access to this. i also set up mysql for them. but...im not really sure what i can do in this situation. any advice or suggestions of steps i can take or what i need to look for? thank you soooo much!

01-28-2012, 02:11 PM
Well the stuff they upload will be at http://www.mysite.com/theirfolder/robots.txt