View Full Version : Need help urgent please.

01-25-2012, 07:43 PM

I need help to complete a task, well the idea is to develop a help desk that will allow a user to make requests for information and then for example I reply back to that request, sort of like a forum. It also has to show the current status of user requests for any questions that have been posed by the user. For example, showing the date and time from when the user has submitted a request. Followed by the status for example pending if the question has not been answered and "answered" if the question has been answered.

I have looked at some tutorials, but most of those only tell me how to create a form which takes a users input for example, registration form and those details are then posted back to the user. But in my case, I will have to take details from the user but then post them back of what I have replied with.

Can someone please help. Any ways/ideas on how I can start this.