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01-24-2012, 04:51 AM
Hi guys and thanks for not trolling my noobness ;=)

As you might understand from the probably completly false location of this topic I am totally and utterly new to this. The only thing I have ever use coding wise (besides doing a makeshift menu from directing batfiles to eachother in DOS on my 386 like 20years ago) is in matlab and that was a long time ago and most likely has nothing to do with actual coding.

What I want to do, and bare with me, I know I have alot to learn but trust me, I have time to spend on my nightshift and pride myself in being a quick learner and and these types of things usually are my strong side.

So again, what I want to do is create some sort of text formatting template. Not even sure if that is the right word but I will explain. I want to take a simple text, in this cause a text of everyones schedule for the day (I work at a hospital) and have it autoformatted into something completly different. This will force it to be able to recognize certain professions from their names and sort them accordingly. It needs to be able to sort them according to schedule time and make a 07:00 - 07:00 table with the worktime for each individual noted (preferably by filling in those hours with colours, and further using different collors or patterns for different professions).

I have more plans ofcourse but I dont need to state it all since I dont want someone to do this for me simply directions where in gods name I am to start. And I do expect alot of time reading up before I start =). The finnished table and text also needs to be pretty easily edited without needing to go back to the raw text and change things. To add last minute changes etc.

I want to do this cause
A- I find it quite fun actually
B- Well, the current system we have is medieval say the least.. everyone writes in this book when they work every day and at the end of the year the book is like 3 times the size. In general its messy and takes more time then needed .
C- Cant hurt my salary if I manage this well can it :p
D- I am thinking of starting to study a program with plenty of coding involved in it next semester so hey, why not have atleast some sort of insight, how little it may be.

Well, this novell is now over.. but once again.. I only want to know where to start. what code to use, what program/s to use if any etc. Any help is greatly appreaciated.

Cheers/ doffe

01-24-2012, 08:43 AM
Hi guys and thanks for not trolling my noobness ;=)

Please never say that again :)

So what your saying is you want to create a table for the Availibility of your consultants?

Although your "novel is very long" your going to have to try and explain a bit more in depth.

I also worked in a hospital as a Systems & Network Manager so dont worry about industry jargon :)


SteveO :thumbsup: