View Full Version : Issue with IE and CSS.

01-23-2012, 09:33 PM
For this page,

the code I have added to extend the width of the text box has worked in all browsers.

#ctl26_txtText,#ctl29_txtText,#ctl27_txtText,#ctl28_txtText,#ctl30_txtText,#ctl31_txtText,#ctl32_txt Text {
width: 150px;

I have tried doing the same with the fields to the left of these, both with this code

#ctl28_tdTopBottom {
width: 150px

and with this code

td#ctl27_tdTopBottom {
width: 150px !important;

Each of these should effect a different box to allow me to see which one will work. It works in FF fine, but it will not work within IE. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong (besides the whole being in tables thing which I cannot change) and can do differently?

01-24-2012, 04:10 PM
Your page generates over 100 errors. Why would you except it to do what you want? Look at the header section of the table your trying to change:

<table id="tbStampDesignText" class="ItemCustomTable" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" align="center" border="1">
<th id="thTopBottom" style="display: block;"></th>
<th class="thTitle"><span id="TextLabel" class="Formlabel">Text</span></th>
<th class="thTitle" nowrap="nowrap"><span id="FontLabel" class="Formlabel">Font</span></th>
<th class="thTitle"><span id="SizeLabel" class="Formlabel">Size</span></th>
<th class="thTitle"><span id="JustificationLabel" class="Formlabel">Justification</span></th>
<th colspan="3" class="thTitle"><span id="StyleLabel" class="Formlabel">Style</span></th>
<th class="thTitle"><span id="ColorLabel2" class="Formlabel">Color</span></th>
<th id="thEmpty" class="thTitle"></th>

What stands out is the <td> at the bottom that don't belong and the <div> that should be a </tr>.

The next thing, you have 7 columns on the page, but your header code has 8! The
<th id="thEmpty" class="thTitle"></th> near the bottom S/B deleted and the
<th id="thTopBottom" style="display: block;"></th> at the top S/B <th></th>

I pulled the table and displayed it separately. The total width of the table is 1000px in FF and IE, but you have it crammed together on your page (800px) and that cramming has to take away from the columns someplace.

Lots of things to fix. Go here http://validator.w3.org/ for starters.