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01-23-2012, 05:49 PM
Hello everyone.

I really hope some of you guys/girls can help me on this one!

I am monitoring a Report feature in a chat, where players can report each other if someone is violating the rules chat rules.
This feature is working well, except when someone is replying in strange characters.

Though I can't change anything in the Report feature itself, I was hoping that maybe it was possible to find a converter somewhere?

This would do a great deal towards helping me keep unwanted people away from the chat.

Here are some examples of the text pieces I receive:

User 907400 reports user 724094:

=========== START LOG ===========

724094: 1􌋕鈊􏤊3鈈􍚏鈊􎩊21􌋕鈊5鈇29
907400: 5a1鈊5􆩊s0
724094: 醘􏷑鈊5鈇2􌋑990􍚏8鈊7醓8
907400: 鈋990􍚏8鈊7
724094: 􇤌3鈊2􍆤0􋤒243
907400: 2341鈊85
724094: 􌲲1
907400: 1􆩒鈊􏣬4
724094: 1􌳂􌊾􌋑2郺醓8􍚍醓8
907400: 3郺8醓81􌳂u
724094: 醓81􌳂9
907400: 􈲸􈟒􆩄􊨴8􊨴5
724094: 醓81􆩒4鈊􆩋􊼺􆩒鈊9醕1 2 醔5
907400: 4􌳂1􆼾7鈈􌋪鈊􍆦􆨷鈊80
724094: 􌲵醕􏷥醔􏷻􍆂􍚉醓6
907400: 1S7鈊80
724094: 鈈􌲠1􍙱1􎁳7
907400: 􋐣􌲻S􈟅80
724094: 􌲵1醘􌋐􏷑
􉆡9: 醔􏤇􍚛7u0

**I know that "􉆡9" translates into "นู๋บุ๊ค" and is Thai**

============ END LOG ============

Another example:

User 668397 reports user 669934:

=========== START LOG ===========

b11: 1f
bdd5d8d8: af
b11: Nc0N481f1f1f1f
bdd5d8d8: dab7d7d8d7
b11: 26 26
bdd5d8d8: :
b11: w0bN0dac2 26
bdd5d8d8: b8_c2
b11: ∆c1f7 26
bdd5d8d8: b8/
b11: 26 26
bdd5d8d8: //
b11: ˘9d 26˝3cu3b{2601
bdd5d8d8: 0f@ 0f 0f@ 0f
b11: b11SeaO1aN2de87
bdd5d8d8: 0f@ 0f
b11: 26
bdd5d8d8: /

**I'm guessing this is chinese**

============ END LOG ============

This is the kind of chat logs I sometimes get, and was wondering if anyone knows if there are tools out there or ways for me to convert these and get the original character out of them, or not.

Any help will be very very very much appreciated!

01-25-2012, 01:54 AM
What programming language are you using?

Also, assuming what they are sending are unicode characters, you should look up informaton about how to store & retreive unicode characters for your language.

01-25-2012, 09:25 AM

Thanks for your response.

Well, that's the problem.

I didn't write the code, and is sadly unable to get a hold of the developers as they are on different projects now.

When users chat in english, everything is fine.
But we are seeing an increase in foreign users, and when I receive a lot of Reports on some of those users, it really bothers me that I can't act.

I was hoping that maybe I could find a converter of some sort to translate these codes back into their original characters, if I just knew what to look for.

Here's another one:

User 907400 reports
User 900657:

=========== START LOG ===========

900657 4􊩏 20 1􊼻􌲚2􆨣23郺􌋘
Paperhead 鈊􍆥839鈇􋐖􎨸 0鈈􌋟8鈊2鈊8鈊9
Paperhead 鈊􍆥839鈇􋐖􎨸 0鈈􌋟8鈊2鈊8鈊9
900657 4􊩏 10 1􊼻􌲚2􆨣23郺􌋘
􆼛􏣱59 Head 2鈊􈞮98􊼺鈊鈇99鈈􌲠1􍙱!
􇤌􊕞􊩏 11 1􊼻􌲚2􆨣23郺􌋘
900657: 􊩁􆩁醓0􆩒􈞲􏷑
907400: D􇤖0
900657: 郺78鈊􍚉􍆂0
907400: 醓8鋋􇤎7鈊􆩑0􆩒7
900657: 3郺8book1醓醓􌋝90醔􎁲2
907400: 3郺8
900657: 0􍚊4􌳂0􆩒􈟓􊼺鈇1鈊􈞸5
907400: 郺78鈊43鈊80
900657: 鈊2􍆤0􋤒2􍚉􍅿1醓醓47
907400: 2307鈊鈊80
900657: 60􆼩醓
907400: 􎨹􌋍59醔􎨨鈈􏷥4􌳂􌲵鈇􌲿􋷰
900657: 􇤄􊼪􊼻鈊􈟖醔􆩒鈊􌋍0鈈􎁢9Bye
907400: 鈈5601􍚛7鈊鋌鈊

=========== END LOG ===========

Any help is appreciated.