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01-23-2012, 05:19 PM
I wanted a custom look for my list menu.
Here is what I came up with...
I created it using divs with text overflow to get the scroll bar.
Here is my code

<div id="colorList">
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Abalone</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Acorn</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Adobe</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Allspice</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Antarctica</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Anthracite</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Aqualite</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Arctic Blueberry</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Arctic Ice</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Arctic Lime</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Cilantro</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Cinnabar</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Clam Shell</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Clove</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Cobalt</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Cocoa Brown</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Concrete</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Copperite</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Cottage Lane</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Designer White</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Doeskin</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Dove</div>
<div class="mySelect" onClick="myFunction()">Earth</div>

It worked great but it loses the scroll bar on iPhone.
I want something that works for mobile web as well as traditional..
Does anybody have any ideas how to create a list menu like this???
Any help would greatly be appreciated:D

01-23-2012, 06:09 PM
Ok so I guess I was just over thinking this....:rolleyes:
Having a blonde day for sure:o

I stuck with a standard list menu and changed the CSS of the "option" tag. DER!!!

01-23-2012, 06:35 PM
Well the results still aren't what I want on the iPhone.:rolleyes:
Does anybody have anything in JS that would work???:confused: