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01-22-2012, 09:11 PM
First post! Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read. I just started on building my first dynamic website. My website is going to have forums, blog and I also plan on implementing a custom "guide builder" that will provide a form to guide users in creating character guides/strategies for an online video game.

My question is, how should I manage this content? Should i build a custom CMS to address these needs? I feel I am capable of doing this with alot of hard work but, would I just be reinventing the wheel and better off investing my time elsewhere? I am aware there are many open-source CMS for blogs and forums.

To summarize, should i build a CMS from the ground up or use existing software and adapt it to fit my needs to save time?

currently I am using php, mysql, dreamweaver.

01-22-2012, 10:10 PM
A CMS, although a good learning exercise, is a lot of work. In my opinion, it's better to just build a CMS that will never be used, and learn from your mistakes as you go along - because you will make mistakes, and it will take a long time. There's security concerns that you need to learn about and all sorts of things, so it's best treated as purely a learning exercise.

I would personally recommend Joomla, or Wordpress, depending on your needs. They both have a large extension library that is subject to end-user reviews. There's a good amount of documentation on building plugins and modules using their API, and lots of ready built themes around. If you're a beginner, looking for something quick, I would go there.

Also, dreamweaver isn't the best by any means. I would heavily recommend Netbeans, even if it is a bit bloated.

01-22-2012, 10:37 PM
Thank you for your post, If I am to use an open-source CMS, which ones are the most flexible? I am looking to get my hands dirty, test my skills and above all learn. Building a custom CMS does sound unreasonable to me but not impossible. The most important thing to me is to be able to build a site that is completely unique and can go in whatever direction I like. I don't want to be limited in any way. Are there any open-source CMS that are this flexible?

I should also add that I have the look and feel of my website already worked out. Whatever CMS I choose needs to mesh with my site perfectly. I understand it will take skills on my part to adapt the CMS to my site.

I want a CMS that i can incorporate into my site not a CMS that I have to build my site around. If that makes sense?

I look forward to any replies, thanks.


01-22-2012, 10:50 PM
I do encourage you to build a CMS yourself, but as a learning exercise - don't use it for a project until you're completely comfortable with how it works, entity relationships etc. etc. A lot of design needs to go in (both graphic and code/database).

The more popular CMS's, Joomla and Wordpress, are very customizable. They serve slightly different purposes, but they can be made to look how ever you want. You will have to extend it, whether you can find ready made plugins or make them yourself (there's plenty of documentation for that). I would recommend Joomla personally, but I would advise trying and experimenting with both of them.

Your best bet would be to find a host that has something like Installatron - a feature that simplifies web application installation (you can install web apps through 1 click). That way, you can try a whole range of CMS's until you find the one you like. PM me if you want some recommendations :)