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01-22-2012, 07:29 PM
I need a new host
as I think my host needs a braindoctor..and if I tell him Im afraid he will block me and wont go to the doctor.

The situation is this,
a .com website active since 2001 starting to have good ranking in google in 2002. In 2003 and onwards always on first page. It has always been hosted in USA.

We are situaded in Spain, but had before mostly clients from u.k, spain and sweden, mostly as the web are in english, swedish and spanish, and there are many visitor generally from those countries, however also had clients from rest of word, including usa.

Nowaydas we have less brittish, swedish and spanish clients, but a lot more russian and from other countries in europe, and of course some from countries not in europe.

So, hosting in spain is expensive and dont give as much as us hosting.

What I understand is that for google and other searchengines being hosted in u.k would give the site better spead and better ranking maybe.
But I am not interested in u.k only, suppose we would have better ranking in google.co.uk and yahoo.co.uk etc.
I mean persons not from uk that use english for searching I imagine they use google.com and yahoo.com etc and dont use google.uk.

Im afraid if I "move" to england I could loose position in google.com etc....

Any recomendations?