View Full Version : WordPress Short URL - Help me, please!!

01-18-2012, 01:28 AM

# I want to make "wordpress short url" in post using linkopen.net API - You can read the API from here: http://linkopen.net/api.html

To generate a url via the API, send a POST or GET request to the site in the following format:

- http://linkopen.net/index.php?api=1&return_url_text=1&longUrl={URL}


Above URL automatic generate this URL: http://linkopen.net/46

# I put below code in my POST theme for automatic generate code:
http://linkopen.net/index.php?api=1&return_url_text=1&longUrl=<?php the_permalink() ?>

but the code dont generate SHORT URL, the result like this:
- http://linkopen.net/index.php?api=1&return_url_text=1&longUrl=http://www.site.com/2012/1/post-title.html

# My question is: How to convert url automatic in my post using API from linkopen.net ???

Please helpe me!