View Full Version : modifying a wordpress shortcode plugin

12-29-2011, 06:01 PM

I'm modifying a wordpress plugin to include a product manager module where administrators can input data into the fields and the shortcode will style it. Surprisingly enough, I have that part complete and working!

The part I'm scratching my head over is how to get the "Add One More Item" link to work. It functions to the extent of adding a new set of fields but when I fill out the fields and submit, only the first set posts.

It's all javascript and that is not my where my strengths lie. If any of you javascript ninjas would be willing to drop some knowledge, I would be greatly appreciative.

I've attached the entire php file that the script is contained in and also a picture of the product manager module window with a label of the problem I'm having (for clarification). If you decide to try and help and have further questions, I am at your disposal.

Thank you so much in advance!