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12-23-2011, 08:24 PM
I just got hired in the marketing department at a big ticket retail store that does approximately 25M in sales per year. Two departments, Buying and Marketing/Web, need a system installed on the local intranet to communicate and prioritize tasks. For example:

The Buying department needs 10 new products entered onto the website.
Each product has an image, description, model number, and dimensions (this is a furniture store btw). Rather than sending me (web/marketing dept) 25 emails filled with digits and image attachments for each and every product I'm thinking of installing task management software that will
a) be used to measure daily tasks
b) assign duties to team members
c) be locally hosted on the office network
d) be a tool for planning (MS Project?)
e) provide ticketing process for the buying department.

My manager is really stressing (naturally) that the ticketing system be hosted locally on the office's network. Whether the project management software is integrated into the ticketing system is optional.

The PM stuff is really for myself and my boss to measure success, track tasks/duties, etc. Really to cover our asses if the owner stops by and wants to see results (Who happens to be a nice guy to work for).

The Project Management software (I'm thinking Microsoft Project Pro but it's $999.99 and I don't think I can get my boss to sign off on that) doesn't necessarily need to be on the network and shared.

However, the "ticketing" system needs to be a place where the Buying Department can easily log in and input all the necessary product information so the Web Department can easily and efficiently retrieve this info and upload it onto the website. I'm thinking this will need to be run off of a database (MySQL which I only used for about a month on a college project). I guess you could call this Enterprise Resource Planning (I haven't started Grad school yet but I think they go over this).

I may have answered my own question in there somewhere but I appreciate any help.

Just need to weed through all my thoughts.

Thanks ahead of time for your input.

12-29-2011, 11:54 AM
Are you considering open-source products? How user-friendly it should be or just functional?