View Full Version : Assembly 2002 in Finland

07-22-2002, 10:58 AM

Hello everyone,

I just remembered that Assembly parties will be held in 01.08 - 04.08 in Finland (http://www.assembly.org/content/event/). Though most participants comes from Finland (of course), there's still an increasing number of foreign participants year by year.

Though I'm pretty sure no CF member are coming, I thought I could show my hospitality and announce myself to aid/help any member, who is coming to visit Assembly. I happen to live about 10 minutes (4km/2.5miles) from the Arena where parties are held.

I'm going to visit one day at least in Assembly (depending of number of the free tickets I get). Though, the parties are turned more and more to LAN parties instead of old-skool demo compos. Hence, I don't really like spending full-time in there.

So, if anyone of you are having trouble with accommodation etc, I can take 1-2 person to accommodate at my place (>18yr old) with no charge. I can also introduce places(=bars/pubs) in Helsinki City etc.

If you're needing any guidance during (also before/after) parties, I'm available. Just contact me, preferrably via e-mail.

Best regards,