View Full Version : Can a JRE be moved from 1 server to another?

12-13-2011, 08:38 PM
Really simple question for those of you who really know java.

First, my setup.. I have 2 sites, one site A I have java, specifically jdk1.6.0_23, installed and running fine. It was installed to have Wowza streaming server running. And everything works. Now, I have site B, and I'm basically trying to do the same thing. I have Wowza installed, but in putty terminal it is giving me a java error when i try to execute the startup.sh for Wowza. And I remembered that with Site A, I did have to install java runtime.
Now, my question, is it possible to simply sftp or rsync that directory from Site A over to Site B. Or, do I HAVE to go through the install?
I ask because because I did read that you can move this jre directory to anywhere in your root that you want, ofcourse any java dependent scripts would have to be told where it is, but the point I'm making is that it can infact be moved around. Thus, making me wonder if I could simply rsync the whole dir right over to new Site B?

Can someone please enlighten me.. thank you.