View Full Version : Flex multiple aspx/html pages and sharedobject

12-10-2011, 02:57 PM

Platform- Flash Builder 4 (Flex as front end) and .Visual Studio 2010

(.NET as backend), MYSQL 5.1

We are developing flex application integrated with .NET pages.
We are getting the data from MySQL 5.1 in .NET pages and in Flex we are

using HTTPService to get the data from .NET.

We wanted to implement login functionality, so that only authenticated

users can access other pages.

As we cannot create pages in Flex, we created two mxml applications in

our project. Both are at the same level.(We are not using MXML

component to create mxml files)

1. Login.mxml- contains the login form which is initial screen
2. Dashboard.mxml- which will be displayed after successful


We are embedding each of these swfs in two separate aspx files,namely

Login.aspx and Dashboard.aspx.

First, the Login.aspx page will be displayed containing login form. After

successful login, we are navigating url to DashBoard.aspx(using

navigateToURL and not SWFLoader control) which contains the data for

logged in users.

Right now, for each page we are creating new MXML application in our

same project, and for using it, we are embedding it in aspx page.
Is this correct approach to develop the flex application with multiple

If not, please suggest us correct way. Thanks in advance.

sham yemul, www.Intellisoft.co.in