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12-08-2011, 10:25 PM

I'm trying to create a menu using IceMegaMenu in Joomla. I have a problem (I posted on their forum here (http://www.icetheme.com/forums/IceMegaMenu/38223-Centred-Dropdown.html#38223)) I'm desperate to get an answer to.

Basically, the drop-menu aligns to the side of the button that created it:


Except when the button is too far to the right when it aligns centre:


I just want the drop menus to centre all the time.

I'm pretty sure the fix is in this file (http://pastebin.com/bQn2TRvF) but although the file is well-commented, I just can't find a way to make the megamenu submenus centred.

I know I should just wait for them to get back to me but have something I want to finish quite urgently and any help would be very greatly appreciated.