View Full Version : MySQL Data to form

12-07-2011, 05:41 AM
Has anyone come across software that will take the data found in a MySQL database and construct a form from the date allowing you to modify the form as well?

I came across this link and tried to us it but it wouldn't connect to my dB.

OpenBexi (http://www.openbexi.com/)

Old Pedant
12-07-2011, 06:47 AM
Well, if you were to install Microsoft's Visual Web Developer Express (free downlaod) and then learn how to connect to MySQL (not overly hard), it can do this. Mind you, there's then a pretty steep learning curve to do *other* things, but creating a <form> from a db table is something it can do pretty easily.

Of course, this also means you would then need to learn either C# or VB.NET programming languages.